WELLIt doesn’t – it’s a nice place, like many cities in Italy. Quite frankly I hope nobody clicks this moronic headline because the way people promote their articles in the Internet nowadays drives me crazy

In the Internet everybody can hear you scream

Clickbait is the plague of the Internet – many formerly more or less serious web pages use headlines like this to generate clicks because unfortunately they do work  – you clicked, didn’t you ;)? The number of web pages that I read on a daily basis without getting angry is getting lower and lower. It’s a shame that one has to scream to get attention, like in real life. I am not motivated to be a part of it.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

To write an article including the translation takes me 2-3 hours of precous lifetime, depending on the amount of text. Normally it’s fun so I don’t complain but due to the decreasing reach of my articles e.g. on Facebook it became more of a burden during the last months. You recognized the lack of updates during the last months for sure. As a matter of fact, this blog costs money (Bloghosting, Photohosting, Webshop, Lightroom / Photoshop, Plugins…) and the amount of money I make with it is negligible and approximately covers the costs. Frankly it’s more profitable to attend about two meetings in my “real job” while eating cake and drinking coffee – and I don’t even need to be active while doing this ;). So why am I still here if not for the money? Well, photography is (still) fun for me and I like to show my photos and write about my experiences. It’s important to keep that in mind and to constantly ask myself if I still do it for fun, especially when I am only talking to myself and there is no feedback at all. This whole thing needs to work without an audience.

How about the future

I know there are some readers who visit the blog on a regular basis and who enjoy the photos. Don’t worry, I will continue writing articles and posting photos – but it will only happen when I am really motivated and not because I think I have to. I will not shout to get more visitors, it’s not my style and never will be. If nobody listens I will talk to myself – that makes me one of many in Frankfurt ;).


After this Sunday message let’s see so impressions from Bari – it’s breathtaking, really ;).


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Pierre Aden

I'm a photographer located in Frankfurt, Germany. When I am not travelling / taking pictures I like to play Table Tennis / Squash or watch TV Series. I work in a German bank in the Anti-Money-Laundering department.

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