MOSTpeople immediately pack away their camera when it starts to rain even though it’s possible to make impressive pictures at that time. Inspired by todays wheather I will show you some examples of pictures I made during or after the rain.

Sure, you shouldn’t risk that your expensive equipment gets totally wet but from my experience cameras can deal with rain quite good. As an alternative you can also find a safe place and use a longer tele lens  to get some shots in the rain. My Olympus O-MD E-M1 is weather sealed so in combination with the M.Zuiko 60mm macro lens which is weather sealed as well I don’t need to worry if the equipment gets a little wet. Another advantage of the lens (besides its macro capability) is, that it’s also a nice portrait lens so making photos of people in the rain works quite good ;).


Let’s start with the obvious: Water drops are always nice photo subjects and depending on the background it can lead to interesting pictures. I made lots of the following pictures in the Botanic Garden in Frankfurt. Besides the Olympus equipment I used the Sony NEX cameras or Alpha 6000 with the SEL30M35 Macro lens in the past. This is also a really good combination but you need to get very near to you your subject due to the short focal lengths and neither the camera nor the lens are weather sealed. Let’s see some examples of pictures I took during or after the rain.


People are also interesting subjects in the rain because they behave different than they normally do, maybe they try to protect from the rain or they have a look on their faces that says that they don’t like the current situation ;). I didn’t make many  pictures of people in the rain so far so there will be more in the future for sure. Here are a couple of examples.

Other subjects

There are many more subjects you can shoot in the rain – get out, try it for yourself and don’t be afraid to get in the rain – it can be worth it! If you have other examples or tips please feel free to add them in the comments below!


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