Auf den Straßen von Naha
THE First destination of my trip to the Rykyu Islands was Naha, the largest city of Okinawa. I had 5 nights in Naha, one day I went to the north of the island to visit the Okinawa-Churaumi-Aquarium, I will write a separate article about that in the near future.

Naha has some nice sights, in this article I will concentrate on the everyday life and of the people of Naha though – the sights will be covered in the next article. It’s typical for Japan that people are very friendly and polite, it’s no different in Naha. Compared to e.g. Kyoto or Tokyo speaking English is not very common so it can be hard to find your way or order something to eat. Tourism (at least for Non-Asians) is not yet very popular in Okinawa but of course that can also be a nice experience (I liked it). My girlfriend and I were the only Non-Asian people on our fully booked flight from Shanghai to Naha and that didn’t change much in Naha afterwards ;).

Naha at daytime

When we didn’t visit the sights we walked the (shopping) streets of Naha, here are some impressions:

Naha at night

Naha reminded me a little of Kyoto Downtown at night, the shops looked much nicer with all the lights than they did at daytime.

Food in Naha

Since English was not very common it was not easy to go out for dinner in Naha, at least not for my girlfriend who is a vegetarian ;). With a little patience you will be a able to find an English menu though and it’s always possible to order some way or another. Food in Japan is awesome so even if you don’t get what you expect there is a big chance that you like it anyway ;). We had lots of fun in a Street Food Village, the chef had a special way of serving the Salmon-Caviar and asked me to make him famous on Facebook and Youtube – so that’s what I am doing now!

This was a short trip to the streets of Naha – I will show you some of the sights in my next article.

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