Ona Bowery Leica Edition
ABOUT Two years ago I wrote an article for Steve Huff from stevehuffphoto.com about my camera gear. My hompage didn’t exist at that point in time so I wrote a guest article for Steve. I made many changes to my photography gear during the last 22 months so I think it’s time for an update. If you’re interested in what I bought and sold during the last two years please take a look at my photography gear page.

The Camera Bag

Like two years ago today I also I use a small ONA Bowery bag. The difference is, that I had the canvas version in the past and now I use the ONA Bowery for Leica. It’s a Leica branded and with some red fabric / a red dot customized ONA Bowery in Leather. It’s a little bit more expensive than the “normal” leather version but it looks really nice and not like a camera bag. The cat is not part of the package by the way, even though her color fits perfectly ;).

Ona Bowery Leica Edition

What’s In The Bag

The two cameras I currently use including the lenses / lens hoods fit in the bag perfectly. I use a Fuji X-T10 with the Xf 23mm F1.4 lens and a  Sony A7R II with the Sony SEL55F18Z lens. Using this combination I am prepared for nearly everything I need on a daily basis. The 35mm point of view (full frame equivalent) of the Fuji lens is perfect for parties, portraits including some background or architecture and also nature. If I could only use one focal length this would be it. I wrote an article about the combination for fujilove.com not long ago.

I use the Sony Zeiss 55mm  F1.8 for portraits and if I need more subject isolation. Due to the 42 megapixels of the camera I can crop a lot and still have enough resolution if required. On the A7R II it’s possible to use an APS-C mode with about 18 megapixels or simply crop the photo to a similar size. With the Sony Zeiss 55mm I have a 85mm F1.8 APS-C lens in addition which is perfect for potraits. I bought this camera just recently so it still has to proof its qualities in the upcoming vacation.

I also have the Samyang 8mm F2.8 Fisheye II lens “for fun” or when I want really wide angles. It’s very compact and fits in the bag without problems. On the A7R II it’s only possible to use it in the APS-C mode but I don’t really care. 18 megapixels is enough for me and the compactness is more important for me that being able to use the 42 megapixels of the camera.

What else… I have spare batteries for the Fuji and the Sony with me, one spare battery for each camera is enough for me. A microfiber cloth and lenspen are also in the bag to clean the lenses. There is still room for the mobile zip printer from Polaroid. A funny gadget, used by me to make friends and family members happy – or to give a photo to some stranger when I made a photo of his dog for example ;). You can print photos from your smartphone (so you can transfer the photo ftom the cameras to the phone before that) in a check card format. This small printer fits right under the Fuji camera in my bag without taking to much space.

That’s all I usually have with me. I might use a bigger bag on vacation when I also bring my iPad and the compact Nissin i40 flash but on daily basis I don’t have these items with me so for 95% of the time it’s the Bowery bag I use.

This is how it looks like:

Ona Bowery Inhalt

Ona Bowery ausgepackt

That was the glimpse into my camera bag, I hope, you guys enjoyed that. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or use the comment function right below this article, thanks!


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  • Hello,

    Is there a real difference about picture sharpness with a camera with IBIS (as Olympus or Sony A7rII) and a camera without IBIS (X-T10) ?

    I have an Olympus OM-D E-M5mII, but I think that the prime lenses on Fuji are as compact as on M43 and similar price :
    28mmF2 vs 15mmF1.7
    28mmF2.8 vs 20mmF1.7
    35mmF1.4/F2 vs 25mmF1.4/F1.8
    56mm1.2 (cheaper) vs 42,5mmF1.2
    90mmF2 vs 75mmF1.8 (size different)
    About the zooms, the size and weight are different.

    • Hi,

      I think the size is about the same when the equivalent aperture is the same but if the f-stop is the same the apps-c lens needs to be larger.

      Regarding sharpness the IBIS helps me when the shutter speed is lower than 1/25 and if I want handheld motion blur. When I have a fast shutter speed I get a sharp photo, with our without IBIS :).



      • Thanks !
        About the m4/3 photographer shooting experience, which one you have prefered between the Panasonic Leica nocticron 42.5mm or olympus 75mm ?

        • Both are excellent – If I have to choose I would pick the Nocricron due to the flexibility of the focal length and because the photos are not only sharp but also have character. I miss both lenses :).

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