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YOU like my page? Great! Running the site takes time and costs money so why not help me keep the site running without spending a single dime? It’s quite easy, all you need to do in order to support me is use my affiliate links when buying stuff from Amazon, either in the US, Germany or other countries. Besides the links below I use affiliate links in my articles when I talk about items. I only recommend gear that I really use and like, I am not sponsored by anybody. If you don’t like affiliate links that take you to the amazon homepage just don’t click on them, the page works 100% without the links.

Furthermore it’s possible to buy private / commercial licenses for all the pictures I post in my articles, just click on the picture and use the build-in shopping card. Prints are also available in various sizes and formats. If you have special wishes or would like to arrange a cooperation please get in touch with me via the contact form, you can check my Media Kit to see what I have to offer.

In addition it’s possible to become a patron on Patreon and support me with one dollar (or more) per month. By supporting me you will also get lots of lots of rewards like access to my complete photo portfolio or prints / calenders. Take a look at my Patreon page to see what you can get by supporting me!

Patreon support

Patreon support

Please use the following links when you want to buy something (anything) on Amazon and I automatically get a small percentage of the money you spend. It doesn’t make your shopping more expensive at all so I would appreciate if you use the following links. Also take a look at my Camera Gear to get inspired.




Thank you very much for your support!

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