MY hometown Wilhelmshaven is a city that some people call boring and ugly. I currently live in Frankfurt and visit Wilhelmshaven now twice, maybe three times a year to visit my family and friends. When I left Wilhelmshaven after I finished my studies in 2006 I was pretty much done with the city. I couldn’t wait to leave for a bigger and more exciting city so I first went to Kiel and afterwards to Frankfurt.

Looking back several years later I don’t regret the decision – it made sense to leave for better job opportunities and a bigger city means more recreational values when it comes to culture and social life. Living near to the airport is also very nice when it comes to travelling. Nevertheless, I always look forward to my visits, especially in the summer. Living at the coast is something that I can value now much more than during my time in Wilhelmshaven, it’s not granted to have a beach and the open sea right in front of you.

I started to get into photography about three years ago and since I am not very often in Wilhelmshaven my portfolio of pictures still has to grow a lot but it’s enough to give you a first impression of what makes Wilhelmshaven worth a visit (but go in summer, I mean it…).

The following photos have been made with the Olympus OM-D E-M1, the Olympus PEN E-P5 (my current equipment) or with some of the cameras I used in the past (Sony A7 / Sony A6000). Most of the time I use my M.Zuiko lenses and if you would like to take a look at my complete photo equipment go to the corresponding page.

The complete set of Wilhelmshaven pictures is available on my photo page.


Okay, let’s see some pictures of the nicer parts of Wilhelmshaven – starting with the south beach (Suedstrand) area:

Of course the south beach is a must visit when you are in Wilhelmshaven, it’s a very relaxing location with some serious wind sometimes. I visit the beach every time no matter if the weather is bad or the sun is shining.

Banter See and Harbour

The Banter See and harbour area is right next to the Suedstrand so you can’t miss it. Take your time and walk a little to see some nice ships and the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke.

Kurpark / Stadtpark

Besides the sea side Wilhelmshaven has some nice parks – make sure you visit at least one of the parks.

Stadtpark including Ehrenfriedhof


Other pictures

Of course Wilhelmshaven has much more to offer so I will write a second part of this article in the future for sure. Take a look at all the pictures from Wilhelmshaven and follow this blog so you don’t miss it. Here are some final pictures from other parts of the city, I hope you were able to get a good impression of the reasons I really like my hometown.



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