BEFORE I will tell you more about my last trip to Japan I will show you some photos from the Christmas holiday. At Christmas I usually drive to my family, to Wilhelmshaven at the North Coast of Germany. This time I did also spend some  days at the East Coast, in Luetjenburg and Hohwacht where the parents of my girlfriend live. Of course I had my cameras with me and I had some spare time to make some photos from the German North and East Coast


I reduced the amount of photography gear during the last weeks so I didn’t take much equipment with me. I had the relatively new  Fuji X-T10 with the 23mm F1.4 lens as well as the Olympus O-MD E-M1 with the Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5 F1.2 in my camera bag. This combination was absolutely sufficient all the time and I didn’t miss any equipment on the trip. Especially when it was getting dark the large maximum aperture of the lenses were a huge advantage.

Impressions from the East Coast

Besides lots of personal pictures I also created some photos while taking a walk at the beach in Hohwacht. Most of the time the weather was bad but we had luck on this day, these are some impressions:

Impressions from the North Coast

Let’s continue with my hometown Wilhelmshaven. Everytime I visit this city I must see the Banter See and the Suedstrand – here are some photos:

Music Bands

My father is a member of two Bands, the band CREATE asked me to take some photos and in addition my father had a gig in the Pumpwerk with his second band called Jukebox. Here are some impressions from the shooting and the gig. I don’t do these kind of photos often but it was lots of fun.

That’s the end of the short christmas holiday. I hope you enjoyed the photos, please use the comments section below to give me your opinion, thanks!


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