NO Party photos on this homepage – until now! I went to the Oktoberfest in Munich for a workshop and of course there was a reason to make the appointment while the Oktoberfest is around the corner. So first we worked (more or less) hard until late afternoon and afterwards we went to the Wiesn to party.


“Disclaimer: I went to the Oktoberfest to have fun and to party so the photos were taken while slightly intoxicated – I do not claim the pictures to be artistic by any means.”

So this is now clarified ;). Photography really was secondary so I wanted to bring a rather small and light equipment with me. I decided to bring two cameras and two lenses – since it’s very crowded, long focal lengths were no option. In addition I wanted to make some funny photos so the M.Zuiko 8mm F1.8 Fisyheye PRO was the first choice. The large maximum aperture of F1.8 allowed good photo quality even in the tent where the light wasn’t very good. Choosing a second lens was a little harder, I had to decide between the M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 and the Panasonic Leica 25mm F1.4. I chose the latter due to the better possibilities regarding subject isolation for nicer portraits and because the aperture is a little larger with F1.4. Both lenses were mounted each on one my Olympus PEN E-P5 cameras. Changing lenses while beer is flying everywhere around was no real option so I had to bring two cameras.

Photos from the Wiesn

We had some time before we had to occupy our table in the Armbrustschuetzenzelt so we took a walk over the Oktoberfest area. These are some snapshots from the walk, I made many photos of colleagues, too by the way but I will not show them on the blog.


After the walk we went to our tent, a table was reserved for us in the upper area. The light wasn’t very good so even with an aperture as bright as 1.4 I had to choose ISO1600 to get some sharp images. Well, the beer might be responsible for many blurred photos, too on second thought :). Here are some impressions from the evening, taken with the lenses mentioned above:

I hope you liked this short insight into a day on the Oktoberfest in Munich. As always, please document your praise and suggestions in the comment section below!


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