AFTER I talked about Ishigaki city in the last article I will show you some day trips that might be worth your time. I will not talk about the other islands in the Ishigaki area because I will do that separately or I already wrote about it (see my article about Taketomi for example). My photo gear didn’t change compared to the last article, nevertheless I updated my photo equipment page so you can see what is currently in bag (and the bag itself).

Kabira Bay

This bay is the most famous one on the island for sure and one of most popular places for photos. The place can be reached easily by using one of the busses on the island. Swimming is not allowed but you can have a trip with one of the glass bottom boats to see some of the underwater highlights. The Bay is so beautiful that photos tend to be a little cheesy but decide for yourself ;):


The Lighthouse in the upper North of the island is another nice place but it’s much more difficult to get there (and away) using the busses. We had to hurry to avoid waiting for a bus for about three hours before getting back to the city. That’s why we had only about five to ten minutes for photos. It was still worth it since that place doesn’t look much like Japan but more like the Scottish Highlands (at least this is how I imagine that place looks, I have never been there, he he). Anyway, here are some pictures:

Stalactite Cave

This place was rather surreal. It’s located not far from the city so it’s possible to walk if you have some time. There were no visitors besides us and due to the motion detectors that activated music or some explanations, the whole setting was like from a horror B movie. I was constantly waiting for some guy with a chainsaw jumping out of the woods. Nevertheless or due to this it was an interesting experience, besides the cave they also have a park with some animals. On our ways back we met some baby cats so walking to the place was a good idea after all ;).

These were some ideas for trips on the island. There is more for sure so if you can add some places from your experience please feel free to wirite it in the comments below.


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  • Hi Pierre! I’m enjoying the photos from Ishigaki and Taketomi. I’m going there in a couple months so you’ve been giving me lots of great ideas.


    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the photos and articles – there will also be an article about Iriomote so make sure you come back before you go on your trip ;).



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