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WHEN I started with photography (at least with the more ambitious part) in 2012, my first motivation was to make pictures using very short focal lengths (wide angle lenses). I was primarily interested in architecture and landscape and my city Frankfurt was perfect for this equipment. The streets are rather narrow and the buildings are high, often you can’t get far away from your subject to take your picture so using wide angle lenses is a good choice. In addition I thought that this approach could lead to some special pictures because not many people own a wide angle lens.

In the meantime, my style of photography changed or I should say my preferences became more complex (my favorite lens today is not a wide angle lens) but this is how I started – and with pictures of cats ;). Today I will show you some of my impressions from Frankfurt using wide angle lenses. Some pictures are from “my early days of photography” and I wouldn’t make some shots in the same way nowadays but still there are lots of Frankfurt wide-angle pictures I like.

The cameras I initially used were Sony NEX Models, today I shoot with the Olympus O-MD E-M1 and the PEN E-P5. These cameras are good choices if you don’t like to walk around with a tripod (and that’s usually the case with me). The build-in stabilizer in these cameras prevent blurred pictures and the digital level gauge helps with the correct alignment. My favorite lens on the Sony NEX was the Sony SEL1018, a great lens with optical stabilization (because the Sony NEX models don’t have a stabilizer). Currently I use the Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18 for landscape and architecture or sometimes I also like to use a fisheye lens like the Samyang / Rokinon / Wallimex 7.5mm (all identical in construction). You can take a look at my photo gear to have a complete overview about the equipment I used and what currently is in my camera bag. Let’s taka a look at some pictures from my adopted home town:



Tower 185

Inner city with Japan Tower, Commerzbank and Maintower

View over Frankfurt from the Maintower

 New European Central Bank (under construction)



Parks and Botanic Garden




I hoped you enjoyed the short voyage through Frankfurt. Besides the city I currently live in I wrote a photo story about my hometown, Wilhelmshaven – take a look!

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